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In line with our strategy to manage the human resources process effectively, we increase the competence, participation and satisfaction of our employees.

Human Resources Policy

MZF Group's human resources policy is a high-performance, development-oriented, strong and effective leadership in all areas, where employees find opportunities to demonstrate their potential, where each employee contributes to the future of the MZF Group by creating value and appreciates value. It aims to create a corporate culture and a high loyalty, happy, productive, successful and healthy workforce that reflects the unique MZF Group spirit.

In line with this goal, it adopts and develops practices that are fair, transparent and integrated with each other in 3 main headings in accordance with global human resources trends in order to attract, develop and preserve the most valuable talents. In this way, it aims to take fast steps towards becoming the preferred employer and being the best workplace. Human resources in MZF Group; It adopts a management approach that works with all units with a strategic business partner approach, constantly analyzes company and employee needs, creates value and adapts rapidly to changing conditions.

I. Talent Acquisition Process

Based on the vision, mission and values of the MZF Group, all recruitment tools are used effectively to place the most accurate and competent candidates for current positions. At the top of the recruitment resources, there is an area on the MZF Group's own web page that announces open positions and can apply for a job, and at the same time, alternative recruitment resources such as and linkedin are also used.

In our recruitment process, competency-based interviews, potential analysis, technical interviews, aptitude tests and also foreign language exams are applied for some positions.
In MZF Group, employees are prepared for their new duties with the "Environment - Occupational Health and Safety" training before work.

II. Talent Management Process

In the performance management system applied in MZF Group, corporate and functional success indicators are determined at the beginning of each year and the targets are broken from top to bottom within the framework of a certain model so that the whole company can run towards the same goals.

A competency framework consisting of basic, functional and managerial competencies has been designed and included in the performance management system in order to focus not only on "what" is done, but also on "how" while achieving the goals, and to follow the behaviors that feed the corporate culture.

It implements a performance management system where our high performance is sustainable, successful performance is rewarded, performance open to improvement is developed with an improvement program, and performance results are integrated with other human resources systems.

In addition, potential evaluation, backup, rotation and career mapping studies are carried out, in which the potential of our employees in their current roles is evaluated, their added value is increased and supported by development opportunities.

III. The Retention Process

Working hours that maintain the work-life balance of our employees are adopted, and efficient work is supported. Internal candidate evaluation process is actively operated for vacant positions. For the development of employees, a rotation program between departments is also implemented.

A job orientation and orientation program structured within the framework of the job orientation program is implemented in new recruitments and job changes.
There is no discrimination in the company and no complaints have been received from any of our employees in this regard.

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