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About MZF Group Holding



The  name “Muzaffer” in the dictionary is mentioned as the person or nation who has gained victory and achieved superiority. It has always been said that people's names properties are reflected in his/her life. From this perspective, when Muzaffer İBİŞ founded his first company, it is probable that he felt that he has the secrets of the today’s victory in his name. Now, Mr. Muzaffer İBİŞ is active on his duty as the founder of MZF Group companies. From financial consultancy to investment, from information technologies to software, those companies are operating in 7 sectors, with more than 10 companies in total. Having a modest personality, Mr.İBİŞ says that success lies in risk management with knowledge and versatile communication skills. Addition of this, having competent employees are also playing a key role in success.

MZF Holding is the reflection of the quarter century experience into today. MZF Holding aims to deepen its successful subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and Africa, especially in America, in the next 10 years by managing intercontinental operations successfully. More than earning benefits for its employees and stakeholders at all times, company is committed to ensuring that people work safely and healthily. In parallel, all activities in the energy or construction sector has been carried out by high sense to environment. Moreover, the human resources policy and and sustainability aspects has been followed by subcontractors. Now, dozens of people working together are saying to each other that, "We are much stronger with you"

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